Can a Robot Be Arrested?

Can a Robot Be Arrested? Hold a Patent? Pay Income Taxes? – IEEE Spectrum – Steven Cherry

I don’t necessarily follow or agree with all of these assertions. While I agree that “…we just need to treat the robot more or less the same way we treat a person…’, I feel that robots and AI are tools and as such their actions are the result of and the responsibility of a human’s or some humans’ intent.

Farming Robots

A robot is killing weeds by zapping them with electricity ( By Stephanie Bailey, CNN Business “On a field in England, three robots have been given a mission: to find and zap weeds with electricity before planting seeds in the cleared soil. The robots — named Tom, Dick and Harry — were developed by Small… Continue reading Farming Robots

Hypergiant Industries

I am researching this company, Hypergiant Industries, for inclusion in my Robot Database. I like how they are building AI into products for the future. “Hypergiant is an enterprise AI company focused on developing world-changing technology to solve the world’s biggest problems in the areas of space, defense, and critical infrastructure. We offer a suite… Continue reading Hypergiant Industries


Biological Robots May Soon Build You a Better Heart Jun.03 — “Computer scientists and biologists have teamed up to create a creature heretofore unseen on Earth: a living robot. Made from the cells of frogs and designed by artificial intelligence, they’re called xenobots, and they may soon revolutionize everything from how we fight pollution to… Continue reading Xenobots


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